Posted by: The Paris Apartment | November 3, 2009

Shouting from the Mountaintops!


President Obama said he’d put an end to the mountaintop rapes and pillages!

The EPA announced on September 11th THIS year that they had permits to start blasting the mountaintops of the Appalachaian Mountains, and are making good on that promise.

Only President Obama can stop this. Our Dear President, we need you, where are you? Please don’t fail us on this!



Obama family

Blasting has begun on Coal River Mountain, destroying both a vital ecosystem and the community’s hopes for a clean energy future. Moreover, this blasting is putting in imminent danger the lives of those who live below the nearby Brushy Fork coal slurry impoundment, billions of gallons of toxic sludge that sit above the Marsh Fork Elementary School and several communities. If blasting weakens or cracks the dam, hundreds could be killed.

The governor of West Virginia and his officials are refusing to take action, so we’re taking it to the federal level. Please call President Obama right now at 202-456-1414 and ask him to intervene on behalf of the people of the Coal River Valley. Now is his chance to prove that he’s serious about his green energy promises. Supporters have been tying up their phone lines on this issue; we can’t let up on the pressure until President Obama takes action!

Next, get the word out. Write a letter to the editor, post this action alert and this YouTube video on your blog, Facebook and Twitter, tell your friends and family…the coal industry thinks they can get away with this because no one is paying attention. And they’re upping their astroturfing presence online and in newspapers to convince the public that they’re doing great things for Appalachia.

For more information on Coal River Mountain, please visit:



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