Posted by: The Paris Apartment | November 5, 2009

What would John Denver do?

Please Save Coal River Mountain

Contact the White House:

What will it take to stop the madness being perpetrated on the mountains of Appalachia by the blasting of brand new coal mines?

Do we need a Million March to the Mountain or to the White House?

We’re about to lose our delicate ecosystem and stewardship of it. Al Gore said on Letterman that Earth could become a very hostile environment. I like it just as it is and know you do too.

These towns in West Virginia coal country, do not want the EPA creating new mines and in turn, polluting waters whose run down and affect all of us.

What they want is a wind farm which will support their entire town forever.

Why can’t the citizens be allowed to manage their land and create green jobs for themselves? Who is stopping America from going green?

Let them build their windmills and move the EPA and Massey Energy out ! (they stopped for a minute 2 weeks ago, as The EPA told the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that it was taking the unusual step because of the magnitude of potential environmental damage, including the burial of more than seven miles of streams. But they’re back at it now.

Since GE has more demand than they can even fill for windmills, why not put Americans to work to build them? Teach US to build them here, not send the jobs to China.

The kids seem to know what happens if this goes on here and in Australia, what about us as the adults? Why don’t the politicians stop the madness? Should we keep waiting for them to? Look at New Orleans.


If you think the million man march to the mountains would work, I’ll be there!


Please contact someone you think will care and help these people and ourselves, before dams holding toxic sludge break again, more damage is done and our water supply is compromised.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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