Posted by: The Paris Apartment | February 22, 2010

When did it get so complicated?

The simple light bulb has become a global environmental issue. It was the perfect choice to villainize, since every room in every country no matter how large or small, needs one.

But they are ALL are made in China, and are comprised of so much additional production, mercury, packaging, and special disposal needs that they are anything BUT green.

GE closed all light bulb factories in the US and moved all China after receiving a stimulus package.

The EPA says they WILL  contaminate our water supply if disposed of improperly.

It used to be so simple.

And started with just an idea.

Most of the best ideas are the simple ones.

But somewhere propaganda got the better of us.

And we’re told to believe the fluorescent bulbs are the better choice.

So many people claim that they use ‘less energy’.  But the footprint alone is enormous, not to mention the packaging and disposal. For what? To save a few watts? All that is heresay anyway, no one can actually measure that, and what is it measured against if you breakdown this giant footprint? Anything can be spun and this is the most blatant case of that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. If you were to measure the pollution these bulbs leave in their wake, from the factory to the landfill,  you’d find they’re not at all line with protecting the environment. In fact, they are harming it in hundreds of small ways, including adding to the demand for more coal production due to the increased need for mercury.

They’re designed to burn out whereas so many of the original bulbs are still burning bright.  How did we get brainwashed?

The only way to snap out of it is to boycott before it’s too late and regular bulbs are ‘illegal’. Otherwise this ‘energy efficient’ invention could be the demise of our water system.

Boy I hope I’m wrong and these bulbs will change everything,  they’re  going to bring back  jobs, and save the environment. That the new Toxic Waste Dumps will be pretty and efficient. That the excess packaging will be recycled and the double bags needed to dispose of them will be biodegradable. I hope that even though you have to throw away anything that they fall and break on, that it won’t be that much extra garbage in the landfill, and that everyone who has one of these knows the hazards and disposal recommendations even though it’s not printed on the package. I hope that places like Cuba or Guam or even Miami set up recycling plants that you can drive somewhere to dispose of  what is now considered Hazardous Waste, responsibly.

But wishing and hoping isn’t going to make it happen. We have the warning right in front of us but we don’t see it. Why?

EPA warning:

These bulbs have lasted decades. How long does a CFL last? Take a look at GE and see how ‘green’ they really are an what may be behind this.



  1. I never knew all this and have only found it out by accident on here. I have been changing my strip light in the litchen and they only do LED ones. The new battens only take LED also.They use up far less power and last forever apparently. One relies on government to organise anything which might cause harm. If they don’t do that I don’t see how anyone is going to know. I suppose what will happen is that there will be a disaster and then they will clamp down and legislate far too late.

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