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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs are Dumping Mercury Directly into Landfills

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Is it constitutional for the government  to force us to purchase something that can ultimately lead to our demise?  It’s what the EPA admits will happen if we’re fool enough to contaminate our own water supply with these dangerous CFL bulbs that are being pushed on us, for some, under duress.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject of CFL bulbs. I may be repeating myself but the facts are still the same. In the not too distant future, the ‘government’ is going to mandate by law that we purchase CFL bulbs, and  make the innocent incandescent illegal.  ‘They’ proclaim these bulbs are the almighty solution when they’re actually  causing more harm than good.

Light Bulbs are Dumping Mercury Directly into Landfills via Natural News:

Many people are complaining of seizures and headaches when under these bulbs. Most studies brush these individuals off as inconsequential.

Here’s an excerpt from one study on the health effects of the CFL bulbs:

The newer compact fluorescent light bulbs generate radio frequency radiation as well as ultraviolet radiation (see Figure 1) and many still generate heat although less of it. These frequencies (RF3 and UV4) have been associated with adverse health in numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies and a growing number of people are complaining that these bulbs make them ill. Instead of promoting compact fluorescent light bulbs, governments should be insisting that manufacturers produce light bulbs that do not produce radio frequency or UV radiation and that are safe for the environment and for human health.

It’s not too late to stop what could be a worldwide tragedy.  These bulbs have been subtly ingrained into our international sub-conscious as being good for the environment even though they’re ALL made in China.  Companies like GE closed ALL their light bulb factories in the US and moved production overseas.  These bulbs are considered toxic and hazardous (by the EPA) once they burn out or break, have excess plastic packaging,  increase Mercury and coal production,  have no warning labels and have to be taken to a Toxic Dump to recycle them IF they’re not broken. If they break, it’s your problem.

And we’re being convinced they’re ‘Green’.

The EPA acknowledges these bulbs will contaminate the water supply if not disposed of properly. We’d don’t even have recycling in most of Miami Beach. Where will these go?

Please educate yourself about the negative global effects these have on the planet from job losses to becoming toxic, hazardous waste once they break or burn out. The footprint and losing American jobs alone is enough for me, but the disposal and the hazards they pose to our water systems  is too enormous to ignore.

We have a choice to not blindly accept that changing to these light bulbs is the right thing to do. Please look into the additional Mercury production that the hundreds of million of these has fueled. Hundreds of  millions of these have already been sold with no place to dispose of them as very few town have Toxic Waste dumps and the ones that do won’t take broken bulbs. To put that number  into perspective,  only 200 million Frisbees were sold since they’re debut in the 50s.

PLEASE boycott these until every single town either has a pickup program or there is a Toxic Waste facility in all towns that don’t have Ikea or Home Depot (those are two places that will recycle them, if you or your neighbors bother to double bag them in plastic and drive them over…if they’re not broken…if they’re broken, it’s your problem).

Thank you for keeping this topic alive and making your own decision, not being forced to buy things through a government deal with GE and China.



  1. wow. this is ALL so interesting to me!! I had NO idea. I just knew I never liked the light that they emit and I think they are harsh and hideous but now that I know that they are toxic and made in China (who already owns America, by the way) I am floored. Yea to you for being an advocate.

    • Made in China but designed and invented in USA.

  2. I am so not impressed with our city…we (Seniors) have been bombarded with CFL bulbs & Fiorescent lights in our apartment dwellings…some tenents have been threatened with their rent being raised if not allowing these lights to be installed in their own dwelling…..I was told that everybody had to have said lights because it is the law from the Government….that is so ludicrous….I refused to have any CFL lights…my health will not be compromized ……I will be contacting officials of this city…the local news paper….local MP …our Ambudsman….we as people of this Country have freedom to speak, freedom of choice and the right to (environmentally friendly) necessity in life….my message is for people to ban together & stand as one against the destruction of our fragile Mother Earth….our Government in choosing to allow CFL light into our environment nees to rethink what will happen when our dump sites become filled with toxic time bombs….thank you…in Respect Sylvia Kalbfleisch

  3. This is just preposterous! And I have been using them with little or no difference to my other regular bulbs. They don’t last any longer than the regular ones and now we have to be afraid of mercury poisoning. Please…everyone…start writing your congressmen…call your mayors and anyone you can think of that you can contact. This has to be stopped before it gets into our water supply. I know most people are just dropping these killers into landfills…

  4. They’re pushing CFLs on people around the world to hide inflation. It’s like the potato-chip bag that is the same size, but contains less chips. Now electricity companies can raise prices, but you won’t notice because you’re being forced to use less electricity at the same time. It’s not enough that the government excludes food and energy from CPI statistics, they also prey on our environmental sensibilities to pull the wool over our eyes.

  5. This website is ridiculous, it uses propaganda-style language to only highlight one aspect of mercury-containing bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are not ‘innocent’; to produce an equivalent amount of light as a CFL they use far more electricity, and for a large part of the world that electricity is coming from coal-fired generation, which emits mercury to the atmosphere. So really, by using CFLs we are releasing no additional mercury to the environment, and in fact, if the CFL bulbs are recycled then they actually reduce the amount of mercury entering the environment.
    No health effects have ever been proven from the light produced by CFLs, as all the light that is emitted from the bulb is simply in the visible light range, which has no effect on humans (the phosphor coating on the inside of the tube turns the UV light into visible light).
    Please don’t spread nonsense about CFL bulbs, they are a better option and incandescent bulbs. And lastly, the government isn’t forcing anyone to buy CFLs, they are simply banning incandescent bulbs; if you have a problem with CFLs, then LEDs are another great alternative.

    • Lor, break open a CFL and breath in the fumes if they’re so safe.

      Also, coal plants have scrubbers on the smoke stacks which remove the pollutants. Only CO2 and water vapor come out of the stacks.

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