Posted by: The Paris Apartment | April 10, 2010

West VA Coal Mining must change this time

Sadly I’m here to pay homage to the coal miners who lost their lives in the recent West Virginia accident. Thank you for the service you provided and the light you’re shedding on the coal industry and practices that have been wrongly neglected.

To all the families, my heartfelt condolences.

I believe their lives and death will not be in vain.

We need to make sure President Obama follows through on his demand for accountability. Don Blankenship is in charge and people trusted him, yet he failed them.  He alone is responsible for the tragedy and should step down or be removed. He is unfit to run the company and his record shows that he operates mines unsafely, believing he is above the law with no regard for fines, summons, workers’ rights and sadly,  human life.


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