Posted by: The Paris Apartment | May 10, 2010

BUY MORE STUFF to Process CFLs & DRIVE to Recycle them

For only $19.95 you can purchase a kit to clean up CFLs once they break! You get rubber gloves, duct tape and glass jars ( not too much more for the landfill, right? Just a few more things can’t hurt)….multiply it by the 100 million bulbs sold and it’s incalculable, but who’s counting?

I’m no economist but wasn’t it a bit better to pay $0 for a $.50 incandescent you could put in a brown paper bag and be done with it?  No Mercury, no plastic bags or gloves or glass jars (and whatever the hell else is in the kit), and no guilt if you tossed one out. If you throw out a CFL you’re endangering all of our water supply. That’s a lot of responsibility. Are most people going to do the ‘right, legal’ thing? Do you even  know where your local  ‘Hazardous Waste dump’ is? If it’s broken they won’t even take it anyway. Then what do you do? Sneak it into the garbage and hope you’re the only one?

Is this REALLY GREEN in your opinion?




  1. Great Ideas!!!! I didn’t know you had this blog!!!!!!Yes! Lets’ make soime change!!!!!!!!I would like to know about some of those disposal kits will check it out!!!Maryanne

  2. yep that’s what they want you to do, buy more shit you don’t need.

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