Posted by: The Paris Apartment | August 20, 2010

Your kids are being targeted

There’s a disturbing ad on tv right now directed toward kids, promoting the crusade to replace all light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.

PLEASE take time to look into this as they are not green in the manufacturing process, they have closed all US manufacturing facilities and all of these bulbs are made in China.

There are no disposal instructions on the packaging and yet the EPA says they will contaminate local water supplies if placed in with regular garbage or recycling. You have to DRIVE them to a toxic waste facility if you happen to have one around. If not, these bad boys are yours to keep or probably toss like everyone else will.

PLEASE educate your kids not to blindly follow the masses, this is an obvious Un-Green product that should not be brought into our homes. Thanks for thinking about it. Please see below for some of the research and links to the EPA and lack of disposal options.

All you have to do with a regular bulb is toss it in a brown paper bag and be done with it. Here’s the EPA’s 2 page PDF on how to dispose of these monsters including throwing away anything they break on! This is madness and someone has to say ENOUGH before this becomes LAW next year!!



  1. Thanks for exposing this. The linked governmental web page contains the following sentence:

    “Compact Florescent Lights (CFLs) use 1/6th the energy of standard bulbs.”

    Yeah, right! How dare they change the usual “1/5th” lie to the even more exaggerated “1/6th” figure?! Because it’s “just” kids?

    Keep CFLs away from any places where they could be broken during household work or children’s play!

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