Posted by: The Paris Apartment | December 4, 2010

World’s oldest lightbulb still burning bright after 109 years

And approximately how long do CFL bulbs last?

We’re supposed to cheer for bulbs that burn out in this day and age?

World’s oldest bulb:

GE and CFL manufacturers are creating dangerous new toxic waste in the name of profits. They’re lobbying to make using CFLs global LAW. Hundreds of millions are being sold and the EPA says they are not to be trusted in the public’s hands.

*With CFLs in the hands of the general public most will go to landfills & contaminate water supply acc’ding to EPA

Meanwhile GE is villianizing the regular bulb which obviously can be made to last forever. You’d think GE would know how to produce a bulb without the ‘Planned Obsolence’ wherein nothing is made to last. Are you buying into their sales pitch?


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