Posted by: The Paris Apartment | December 7, 2010

Hooray! REPEALING the PROPOSED ban on the common light bulb

H.R. 6144: Better Use of Light Bulbs Act

Summary: To repeal certain amendments to the Energy Policy and Conservation Act with respect to lighting energy efficiency. (More)

Please click here to check out the Proposed Bill and show your support in repealing the ban on regular lightbulbs.

I pray this doesn’t turn into a red/blue, left right/left, in/out thing. I have no political affiliation, but it looks like it’s the republicans who have at least tapped into the hypocricy that is the CFL light bulb debacle.

Below is an article from redstate. com. They berate democrats so they’ve already turned it into a political issue. The good news is they’re not environmental and even they can see CFL Lightbulbs in the hands of the public is absurd, especially being mandated where there is no toxic waste facility means it goes right into the water stream. With hundreds of millions of these being made, consumed, disposed of, the EPA says they WILL contaminate our water supply. Lightbulbs know no boundaries so please lord, don’t let them fight about this.

By Reps. Joe Barton, Marsha Blackburn and Michael Burgess

Even the AFL-CIO isn’t happy about the move to CFLs. The labor union’s Web site, Screw That Bulb, makes the valid point that there are many ways to save electricity without shifting to the mercury-filled compact florescent bulb from China, or anywhere.

Fortunately, we were already working on legislation to repeal the ban. Today we’ve introduced H.R. 6144, the Better Use of Light Bulbs Act, which repeals the ban on the incandescent bulb that has been turning back the night ever since Thomas Edison ended the era of a world lit only by fire in 1879. It’s as simple as that, though technically it repeals Subtitle B of Title III of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

The unanticipated consequence of the ’07 act – Washington-mandated layoffs in the middle of a desperate recession – is one of many examples of what happens when politicians and activists think they know better than consumers and workers. From the health insurance you’re allowed to have, to the car you can drive, to the light bulbs you can buy, Washington is making too many decisions that are better left to people who work for their own paychecks and earn their own living.

We believe that the consumer, not Washington, is capable of deciding which light bulb works best. Democrats, however, believe that you just can’t be trusted to make the right decision. If Democrats want to show the folks back home that they understand the pent-up frustration in this country, they’ll start by supporting our bill.

Whew. Please look into this bill and support those in favor of it.  Thomas Edison’s first light light bulb has been lit since 1909. The CFL bulbs are created to burn out in a few, what, months? Edison’s bulb proves we don’t need bulbs that burn out at all. GE needs to look in their archives instead of trying to brainwash us with their Ecomagination campaign, forcing us to consume!



  1. Yes I have extensively covered why incandescent ban is wrong, on

    The unpublicised industrial politics behind the ban, with documentation and copies of official communications:

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