Hello and thank you for coming by.

This is a topic that needs serious contemplation by all of us as consumers and communities.

Please take the time to check into these bulbs.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my findings and state your opinion on either side. This is a open discussion and I’m not claiming to be an expert. I had no opinion when I started looking into this,  but the dangers and downside quickly became obvious that something is really wrong and we’re on a serious time crunch to turn it around.

I’m interested in learning about all sides of this debate, so if you have information that can shed light on the issue, please do leave a comment and share your experience.

Thank you again,




  1. Claudia…you are so wonderful for highlighting this. Its amazing and depressing that we’re all trying to do our part and yet backing straight into more damage to our environment and ourselves. We need to slow down, question more, “follow the money”. Fascinating. Trish

  2. Thanks, Trish! We have to keep talking about it cause it took a while to get here and we bought it hook line and sinker thinking everyone wants to do the right thing. I heard GE was corrupt about 20 years ago but thought they cleaned up their act. Boy was I wrong! They are using Green as a great ‘beard’ though. They’re brilliant marketeers.
    PLEASE KEEP THE CONVERSATION ALIVE ! At the very least tell people if they break one they have to leave the room for 15 minutes cause the vapors can cause neurological damage, especially at pet and toddler height.

  3. .
    ____Thank you for this GREAT website. the more I delve into it, the more the HYPE emerges. I’ve been writing on this for years from the (mental & physical) health side. Then at a Bioneers Conference(’04), I saw all the Green groups had been co-opted by the very effective hype campaign about “energy-efficient”(sic) bulbs, and started to try to get the real Science of their toxicity to the planet out there.
    ____I’m still most concerned about how people FEEL under this lighting (yes, the higher flicker rate IS perceivable by our brain – which means stress), and my holy grail is the “rat studies”, the psychological testing on humans that show the deleterious effects of being under fluorescent lighting.
    ____The fact for us on the eve of the Copenhagen conf. and the EU bans (Who got to those usually sensible peoples?), is that compacts have the HIGHEST carbon footprint in their life cycle, more than any of the other choices, from whale oil to LED.
    ____If we are talking reducing carbon emissions, we should not be using the compact fls.


    • Hi Scientist,
      Thank you for coming by.
      We as consumers will have to take a stand because we can’t guarantee our governments are going to make a sensible decision on it as you said.
      We have no choice but to boycott the bulbs.
      If there’s one thing the bad economy showed us it’s that the consumer drives it all.

  4. Great website. Thanks for following at twitter.


    • wonder, i got your reply at my inbox/email, but not seen here.

  5. Hello Claudia,

    Thank you for your wonder blog. I have linked to you from my blog at LightBulbChoice.com and would love a link back.


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